My Holiday

Topics: Temperature, New Year, New Year's Day Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Assignment 1: Writing a descriptive paragraph using the words: touch, smell, hearing, taste and vision.

My Holiday
On New Year’s Eve of 2012, my family and I went to Bokor Mountain Resort. On the way up to the top of the mountain, I can sense many things. First of all, I can see many huge trees, beautiful flowers alongside the road; especially, the view of the sea and houses in Kampot Province that I could see from the top. I was very excited to be so closed to the nature. Secondly, when I opened the car’s window I can hear clearly the sound of wild animals living in the forest. Birds were singing, other animals were crying as strong wind blew the trees, making the unforgettable melody. As we were driving up, there was something to be amazed of. A huge piece of clouds was flying through the way we will be passing. At that time, my dad told my brother in law to stop the car and wait for the cloud to go away. I thought that it was a good chance so what were I waiting for? I immediately ran toward the cloud and asked my sister to take the picture for me. First time in my life touching the cloud and it was an indescribable moment. I still remembered the smell, the humidity and the cold foggy atmosphere around me. Moreover, there’s even more when I arrived at the top of Bokor Mountain. I could see interesting views such as the old casino, old king’s house, old Catholic Church and many other things. However, we didn’t visit all those places immediately; we just drove through and checked in hotel first. Since there was only one hotel on Bokor Mountain, we decided to stay there for two nights. After resting for few hours, while my family was having buffets, I drove alone around the hotel with the all windows opened. I was way too much fun. However, just an hour later I was very hungry. I came back and saw none of my family members at the restaurant. Of course, they were dressing up and get ready for the New Year’s Eve and the count down to 2013. I didn’t have dinner...
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