My Hobby

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My hobby
A hobby is the way how we spend our leisure time after we leave our daily tasks. It helps us to avoid our boring feelings, add to our knowledge of the world, and cause us to love more this life. During our life time, we may have many different type of hobbies, but planting flowers is my hobby until now. When I am free of my daily work, I often go back my small backyard with many kinds of flowers. I don’t know where I have this hobby. Maybe, I love its beauty, fragileness, and wordless meanings from my mother. Actually, planting looks like as raising a person, we need to plant seeds first, and then taking care them with water and fertilizer for developing. If they growth with only water, they can still alive, but they become stunted. Looking like as raising a child, we can help a baby to be alive by food, but that child cannot growth well without teaching and loving them. Besides, we will feel their feelings to know what they need when we love something or someone. Be back to planting, plants cannot talk to us, but we can see how they growth if we look at their leaves, trunks or flowers. Then we would have a treatment for their disease, if they need it really. It’s so excited for me to see the fruit of my labor when contemplating their beautiful, healthy flowers. By planting flowers plants, it trains me to be more patient and closer to nature. It helps me to release stresses in working or daily life, it looks like give me the second wind then I can continue fight next day. When we love something, we will try to learn more about it. It’s same to me, I look for many books that show me how to plant, and take care flower plants properly, or what kind of fertilizer they need every period. Eventually, I also find out a website that people have the same hobby get together to share their experience or introduce new flower variety. I have little difficulty in making friends, by these activities, I have more new friends and become a better person. Moreover, I...
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