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Topics: Photography, Photograph, Arts and crafts Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Over the last few years, as I got bored with my life and tried to pick up some new hobbies to make my life more enjoyable, I came across so many great things from indoor rock climbing, gardening to making handmade stuffs. Among all those things, I really got into making scrapbook since I has discovered a lot about myself doing so.

First of all, scrapbooking is a popular past time of many people, especially women. This is the way of keeping personal and family history in the decorated book. It is the craft that involves creative adhering photos and artwork in an album. It is also a must to include some information about each particular photo such as who, what, when and where. Those discriptions of scrapbooking really attracted me and my creativity. Since the main purpose of making scrapbook is to preserve memory, I found myself in those old photos and thus cherished every moments I had with my friends and family. I still remembered the first time I made a scrapbook, it seemed just like yesterday. At that time, I had zillions of photos untouched for a long time and I wanted to protect them from the destroying effects of the weather. I then collected all of my photos and sorted them by year. For example, year 2009 was a memorable year for me: I passed the entrance exam to one of the most pretigious high school in my country, I met my very best friends from high school, I had an amazing trip to Hong Kong with my family. All photos related to that year were sorted in one box, and I repeated the process for other photos as well. Next, it was time for decoration. I took out the materials such as background paper, photo corner mounts, scissor, pens and especially embellishments which refer to as accessories. With proper preparations, I could freely express myself through making the scrapbook. I was confused because I didn’t get any instructions and I just went with my instinct. As time passed, I now have the sense of getting everything in the right place. As a...
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