My Hobby

Topics: Postage stamp, Stamp collecting, Subject Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: January 1, 2013
A hobby is some task that keeps us busy and also entertained when we are free from our routine works. This is also something that keeps us and makes us aware of our inner desires, talents and capacities. Our hobbies are usually somethings that we as individuals like to do besides our daily chores. Hobbies are thus of many different kinds, each person having a hobby that caters to his/her likes, talents and innate desires. This is why there are many kinds of hobbies like reading, playing, socialising, gardening, stamp collection, and the list goes on. No one has all these hobbies but we all have one or the other of these which we enjoy doing in our free time. For every individual it is very necessary to develop some hobby so that at free or lonely times, he can keep himself busy. Since our hobbies fit into the frame of our likes and aptitudes, we are always happy when we are involved in working of hobbies. For instance, a person who is good in drawing can develop the hobby of drawing and all that is akin to drawing, like painting, making cartoons or the like. A person who is fond of reading can develop the habit of reading the works of different writers. In reality, hobbies can be said to be our best companions, who are guided only by ourselves. As far as my hobby is concerned, my hobby is stamp collection, and collection of old coins of India and the world. This hobby of mine has developed through the span of the last three years, ever since I was in the fourth standard. This has started ever since I started studying the subject of History. This subject fascinated me and I loved to read about rulers and their different systems. This love for History was enhanced when I was in the fourth standard, my uncle who is settled in America, and widely travelled through many other European countries, came to India. When he came three years back, he brought a lot of American and other European countries' coins. These coins excited me, and my interest in collecting coins and...
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