my hips, my cad eras

Topics: Culture Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Monica Mendez
English 101
Professor: Dodge

My Hips, My Caderas

As I was reading “My Hips, My Caderas” I realized how everything the author had said is so true. It made me feel upset because it is really sad how societies can judge you on the way you look. I think that it is unfair that people are judged on something that they have no control on. The way you look is all determined by your genes and nobody has control over that. When the author stated “sometimes they walk out of the room even before I have begun teaching, as if hips were contagious,” made me laugh because it is crazy how ignorance can be seen transparently on some people. And I think that is all it is “Ignorance” people want to judge other people before they even look at themselves “I sometimes hear the suburban anorexics whisper in the front row: “My God, would you look at those hips.” It’s not socially acceptable to be fat but its also not acceptable to be anorexic. Many people just don’t realize how their words can really hurt someone. And I think people should ljudge you on your intelligence, education, and manners before they start judging you by your figure.

I can relate to this because I live in two different cultures just like the author did. I come from Mexico where hips are a big part of a woman and if you have small hips you are not considered to be as pretty as someone with big hips. I also live in America where beauty is to be skinny and thin, and big hips don’t tie in very well with the whole being thin part. I love my culture and I wish I had bigger hips because I think it’s sexy and attractive. But just because people have small hips it doesn’t makes me think any less of them. I think that everyone should go for what they want and if they want bigger hips like I do, they should go to the gym and start squatting and if they want their big hips to get small then do some cardio. But none of these things are going to promise results, as I stated earlier “The way you look is...
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