my highschool life

Topics: High school, 2007 albums, Friendship Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: September 29, 2013
My High School life :)
Every one of us experienced changes in our life, we matured both physical and emotional and face different problems that is more complicated than before. High school is a step where you realize that everything you want will not come into place immediately. This is where maturity begins.
I still remember my freshmen years, I never thought of who my classmates are, I even took risk by accepting the qualifying exams for the DOST-ESEP knowing that being in this curriculum is quite hard. Luckily, I passed the examination, I've met new friends and shared our moments together. Just what I have expected, our subject is different from the other curriculum. We engaged in different tasks and challenges. As weeks passed by, problem is now getting harder, as I found friends, also I found some enemy.

I never forget what had happen during my sophomore years. It’s the hardest year for me in high school. My close friend and I had a big fight and it took a long time before we reconciled. This is also the time where I thought I would be in the regular class next year because I got a very low grades. In spite of all what happened , I found a true friend who comforted me in times I’m down. Unfortunately, I found out that she will transfer to another school next year.

From all the obstacles I encountered, life goes on, I survived and maintain my section. The trial we had last year made our bond stronger. My classmates and I are getting closer and we were now comfortable telling our secrets with each other. Though there are still some problems, we managed to face it carefully and solve it together.

Time goes by, and I am now in my last year in high school, the senior life. My circle of friends are getting bigger. We learn to know each other deeply and some of my classmates showed their true attitude and as a result, some group of friends are having their...
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