My Hero: My Dad Did The Flu Shot

Topics: Basketball, High school, Michael Jordan, National Basketball Association, Game, Play / Pages: 1 (151 words) / Published: May 11th, 2017
My hero is my dad because he is my dad and he helps with things I have trouble with. He helps with my homework. My Dad was in the air force and he was and engineer and he fixed the vehicles that they rode in the get places. My dad also traveled to places like Middle east and Afghanistan and Egypt. And he told my family story about what they did and were they went. One story is that how they did the Flu shot was they used an air soft gun and shot the Flu shot it into their arms. And it would flow in their blood stream. And the helicopter that they rode in was all shaky all the way to Egypt, Europe. And my dad plays basketball with me all the time and he supports me and my siblings. He makes us laugh when he jokes with

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