My Hero

Topics: Jim Carrey, Comedy, Bruce Almighty Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 6, 2005
My Hero

What is a hero? I think a hero is someone who isn't afraid to be their self, someone who can make you laugh, a person that you can look up to and admire their success. I also think a hero is someone who has grow up in a very hard like can still show you that life is fun and worth living. That is why I chose Jim Carrey to be the hero I write about. Jim Carrey is a very smart, courageous man who has made it in life by being a comedian/actor. When Jim was ten years old he send out his very first resume to "The Carol Burnett Show". He started with comedy at a very early age by doing stand up comic routines for ten minutes every day before school was out. Unfortunately Jim dropped out of high school to pursue his dream and started working in comedy clubs. I think he would be looked up to more by professional people more if he would have completed his education. He has acted in many movies throughout his career such as; Ace Ventura, Batman Forever, The Cable Guy, Liar Lair, Man on the Moon, Bruce Almighty and many more. Jim's first movie was Rubber Face in 1981. On October 7th 2004 Jim decided to become a dual citizen of the United States.

I really think that Jim Carrey is a good man and I am very glad to see that someone who went through many tough times is still able to come out and be a happy person. Jim's family life has been a very hard one, they lived in the suburbs of Toronto in a place called Newmarket, Ontario. His family was then forced to move to another suburb of Toronto called Scarborough. To raise a little extra money Jim took an after school job working eight hour shifts every single day, and his family began living on a relatives lawn out of a Volkswagen van. He has been married twice and has one daughter with his first wife.

I really like Jim because he is an outgoing person who can add a sense of humor to anything from ego and insecurity to feminine sensitivity. Even when there are hard times and life is tough he is still...
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