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My Heart Leaps Up by William Wordsworth

By SarahJMH Jan 09, 2009 307 Words
Sarah Jassim Abdulaziz
Dr_Hanan Muzaffar
Introduction to Literature 170
Personal Response for "My Heart Leaps Up"
The poem "My Heart Leaps Up" by William Wordsworth shows the strong connection between human and nature. Wordsworth says that childhood makes men what they are. Also, Wordsworth shows that without nature one might not be able to live. Nature gives joy, happiness and hope to human. I like the first line when Wordsworth says "My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky" because it has a personification in it. The words "My heart leaps up" gave strong meaning about how nature fascinates people. In addition, people enjoy living in nature that is full of life. In the third line, it is clear that nature brings life to people. The poet shows that nature makes him a man and without it he should die. A person who lives in a place full of nature differs completely from the one who lives in a place without nature. However, in childhood it is important to be surrounded by nature to have a good personality later in life. Imagine that in your childhood you have lived in a locked dark room. What would happen to you in the future? You will grow and your heart will be full of bad and devilish ideas. The main idea of the poem is shown in "The child is father of the Man" which means the things you have experienced in your childhood are part of you when you are adult. This is a very passionate poem. Wordsworth really appreciates and loves nature that he prefers to die if there is no nature. Without nature, one's life would be miserable and not acceptable. During childhood, a child experiences a lot of things around him and nature affects him deeply.

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