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Hey Where Are You My Heart Is Calling Your Name.
My Heart Needs You Wants You To Make Me Feel Comfortable Relaxed And Complete. But Unluckily Its Seems Impossible To Be With You Even With So Deep Love Like The Two Ends Of A River Filled With Water As Love :( I’m Night And You’re Morning Even We Both Make The Day Complete But We Can’t Be Together At The Same Time :( I’ve No Right To Curse My Fate. Really Plenty Of Dreams Radiate As Night Prevails, But I’m Terrified And Daunted To Lose You At Times :( Sometimes I Assume I’ve No Happiness Written In My Destiny I’m Alive To Be Thrashed More And More Into Deep Wounds And Suffer Badly :( I Really Don’t Know And Don’t Want All What’s Going On :( May Be I’m Uselessly Wasting My Time My Tears My Energy My Love My Words My Sorry’s My Apologises And Everything Whatever I Expressed Or Showed For Nothing. Where I Stand Now? After All Those Sacrifices Still I’m Standing Like An Astray In Oasis With No Destination Aimlessy Like A Tramp :( I Guess I Spoiled Everything In Making You Mine. But Don’t Worry. . . . .

Its Strange Why I Really Can’t Take Myself Out Of Yourself. Why My Dreams Direct You. Why My All Senses Feel You, Why My All Thoughts Come About You? Why My All Plans To Get You Even No Hope Is Left. Why My Breath Don’t Support Me But I’m Breathing For You. Why My Soul Left My Body And Dwelling In You :( Why I See You Everywhere :(

Why Why Why You’re The One And Only With Everything From The Time I Open My Eyes Till I Close. From Dawn To Dusk Everywhere I’m Being Known By Your Smell. I Can Feel You In Air I Can Feel You In My Heartbeat My Every Action I Feel You’re With Me But Why Why Why Still Lonely Solitary Isolated Companionless And Friendless :( Being So Close To You, I’m So Far. I Wanna Spend My Whole Journey Of This Mortal And Eternal Life With You To Tell You How I Feel For You How Do I Love You, How Passionate I’m For You How Excited I’m To Be With You. I Wanna Fulfill All Those Dreams Which I Saw With You...
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