My happy place

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My happy place

I have so many happy places, but my favorite one is located in Spain. It’s a beach house where I grew up with my mom’s family. I went all summers and short holidays. My grandparents bought it long before I was born, my mom and uncle basically grew up there too. So my mom knew all my friends parents because they were friends when they were young, and they knew all the secret spots and they bad things we could do, cause it was small and they had done all the bad things possible when they had their chance. It has a beach, small, and rounded by rocs, where you can climb and jump to the water from really high heights. Some pools distributed by the apartments, but no one used them cause the beach is amazing and fun. Then it had a sport center where you could play: soccer, tennis, basket, golf and table tennis. A small bar was located next to the soccer, where we bought all our drinks and food. Last but not least there was a small church where we went all Sundays with our best outfits to spend some time with God. We were a big group, 12 exactly, and we all got along as we were brothers. 5 girls: Marta, Georgina, Laura, Marina and Laia. Then 7 boys: Carlos, Aitor, Pol, Miguel, Eric, Gerard and me. We grew up separated, boys one side girls the other. We actually hated each other. Till one day, we decided to get together and be just 1 group, and everything went better. As we started growing up we started liking each other and dating. But we saw it was better to keep our friendship so we stayed as friends. It is my happy place because I feel I belong there, I grew up there and I know the place as it was the palm of my hand. It has a beautiful beach, perfect place to play sports and full of nature. When I felt down I went to the beach with the moon up the sky, and stayed there like for 2 hours listening to music or the sound of the waves crushing with the rocks. I had all my best friends there and my best moments I have ever spent were there. Even my...
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