My Happy Place

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My Happy Place

Far away from my chaotic house, I discovered a whole new world. An early walk in the park could always refresh my mind, and as I stood at the entrance, all my thoughts were instantly brought to a happier place. There was something magical about that specific location that always had a positive effect on my mindset. I knew I could always rely on the park for a release from the stressful world.

Just after taking a few steps into the park, a warm beam of sunlight hit me. I could feel every ounce of blood in my body heating up. I could also feel my heart rate slow down. I entered a state of peace and nirvana. Meanwhile, the playground structures sparkled as sunlight brushed across them. The twisting and turning structures formed what appeared to be a castle in my eyes. I was reminded of every medieval castle I saw in Disney movies when I was younger. The castle had strong walls that wouldn’t allow any intruders to enter. Some walls had climbing walls or rope ladders that joyful children raced up as if a pot of gold were awaiting them at the top.

I continued walking across the park as I noticed the stunning trees outlining the park. People called the trees not only the residents, but also the guardians of park. The trees secluded the park from the outside wall providing the children with a carefree place to enjoy time with their friends. In the park, the trees offered even more protection then a parent could from the strangers of the world. With numerous, overlapping branches, opaque walls of dark green were formed. I removed my sandals and noticed the grass beneath my feet. The grassland looked like a green ocean. I could feel the softness of it like touching a blanket. I closed my eyes and took a long, deep breath. Fresh air that tasted like mint went into my nose and refreshed my lungs.

I continued my stroll around the park and an empty, wooden bench came into sight. However, as I approached the bench a note that read ‘Wet paint’ became...
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