My Great Grandpa: My Role Model

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My Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa was a very generous and giving person. What set him apart from other men his age is that he had big, strong hands and was always active. He was still digging graves at the age of ninety years old. He loved to hunt and was always a man of the outdoors. You could tell that he was a man from a different generation by what he wore. Grandpa always wore a plaid shirt and pants above his belly-button. I never saw my Great Grandpa mad or upset. He was always easy going and calm, even if somebody were to say or do something he did not like he would just give them a straight face and not say anything. Whenever we were digging graves, eating at a restaurant, or having a party he would always be telling jokes, holding us kids on his lap, and telling us how much he loved us. He cherished love and attention. If I were close to him he would always want to hold my hand and rub it, especially if it were cold out, because his hands were always nice and warm. Whenever I saw him he would always reach in his pocket and give me all the change he had. Everyone loved Grandpa, even strangers. He could talk to anyone, and he always made you feel special. My Grandpa always had a sharp mind. He constantly told us kids stories from many years past. He died at the age of ninety-two, and will always be remembered as a very caring, generous, and wise man. I will always think of him as the perfect model of what a grandpa should be.
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