My Grandmothers House

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My grandmother’s house.

I open door of the car and walked towards the house, it looked so dead it was hard to believe that at one time someone actually lived here. I started to walk up the cracked stones and I got to the front door and took a deep turned the handle to the door and walked in breath, as I open the door all the dust rushed towards the door. I stood in the hallway and took a look around things looked different a lot different compared to how it looked at Christmas since it looked dusty and unclean like nobody was living in it I realised nobody has been living in I realised nobody has been living in it . I pictured how it was last Christmas when you opened the door you were hit by the smell of pine form the trees, the sound of laughter echoed through the walls, as you walk into the sitting room there stood this big tree being overwhelmed with present. The sound of the cracking fire and boots snoring, boots was grandmother’s cat and all she used to do is curl up in front of the fire and sleep. I walked to the kitchen and remembered all the women gathered in the kitchen laughing and joking as normal. The kitchen over looked the gardens were some of the children ran round the garden. The men cheered as they toasted to another year, so many Christmas’s birthday and other events have been celebrated in this house. I walked into the sitting room and looked at nans chair expecting her to be there but to my disappointment she wasn’t their, there laid her battered cushion she had she had that cushion for years I remembered when she first brought it, it was new and clean it had just came out the packet and had that new smell, when I was younger I used to beg her to let me hold it she always said that the cushion always reminded her of me but this one time it reminded me of her. As I snapped out my daze and looked at the once white walls which are now off white from all the dust with little pieces of cello tape from the wall decorations that we had up...
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