my grandmother

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 My Grandmother September 7, 2013
I decided to write about a woman who means more to me than I could ever put into words, my grandmother,. We all have that special person in our lives that we are very close to and for me it is my grandmother. She was the most kind, loving, funniest person I know. My grandmother raised eleven children alone, after the death of my grandfather whom I was not old enough to remember. Her strong Baptist beliefs and her thoughts on education helped shape me into the person I am today. My sister and I went to visit our grandmother all most every weekend until I was about 17 and found the joy of dating. I still visited her often. During the summer we would stay with her for a month. Her house always smelled of something freshly baked. I will never forget those freshly baked smell of bread and apple pie as we entered the small dimly lit hallway to the kitchen where we would eat until we could not move from our chairs. I remember she had this old wooded stove that served as a heater also in her small but brightly colored kitchen. She would pull two wooded stools up on each side of her so my sister and I could watch her cook and drink kool-aid. Grandmother or me-ma as we affectionately called her was out going and loved to laugh. The stories she would tell us about her days as a little girl held our attention for hours, never a dull moment with her. She was a strong woman for her age I would think to myself and I hoped that I would be as lively and energetic with my kids and grandkids as she was with us. She taught my sister and I to cook, to read and write before we started school, to sew and she instilled into us the importance of being independent. She also told us to always treat people the way we wanted to be treated and trust in the Lord. We had Sunday dinners and Thanksgiving at her house with all the family....
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