My Godol Speech

Topics: Need, Want, Mexico Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Friends, my brother Alephs, I am Daniel Chapman. I am running for the high and honorable position of Aleph Godol. Why you may ask? When I had first joined this organization, it would’ve been for the power, knowing that you are the president of the best chapter in all of RMR. But no, that’s not it anymore. This past term has definitely not been our best, we have all had problems to face, struggles bigger than I could’ve imagined when I had first joined, and no one to tell you exactly what needed to be done. But we pulled through. Not just one of us took charge, but we all did, and together as a chapter, as brothers, we didn’t fold. Even with all of the setbacks we had, we are still here today. But regardless of how great of a chapter we are and have the potential to be, there are things that need much work and toil, but will come easy with a working board. One of the big things that needs to be changed, is members. We need more members. I plan on working constantly with the elected Moreh and our sister chapter to recruit new people. One of my big plans to get this chapter to grow, and hopefully start some other New Mexican chapters is Albycon. But not the Albycon you are all thinking of, where the Colorado chapters come down and we show them how awesome we are. No, I have a bigger and better plan. I’m talking about New Mexicon. So that you can kind of grasp what I’m talking about, here’s part of my plan. I will work with our Sister chapter, 1458, to contact every Synagogue, every Jewish gathering place to make sure every Jewish teen in New Mexico knows about it. They’ll come down, we’ll show them our awesome programming skillz, and they’ll see just how amazing BBYO is, and join. Of course there is other things to work out, but I have a plan, and if elected it should go smoothly, and we will again be the thriving chapter we once were. Another thing I’d like to change, is that we, as a chapter, won only one award, and that was best video, which was...
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