My Goals, My Strategies, My Plan of Action!

Topics: Small business, Bachelor's degree, Academic degree Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: August 4, 2006
Entering this course has challenged me to think about why I chose this path, leading me to identify my goals. My first goal is to obtain my bachelor's degree in business, with emphasis in accounting. Secondly, I plan to take the CPA/CMA exam to receive my certification. Lastly, as I should say ultimately, I plan to establish my own accounting business, specializing in assisting my community, individuals, and small business with finance and accounting needs. My decision to form these goals was influenced by my current work situation. I don't care for uncertainty, and the labor of working for someone else. I enjoy my employment, but I wish for a position where I will make a difference not only in my bank account, but where it counts: my family, my community, my life in general.

The importance of fulfilling these goals are as follows: the completion of higher learning is validation for me. I don't have a bachelor's degree, and as the employment market changes, so does the requirements for employees. Having the education to go along with experience bolsters my resume, and makes me a prime candidate in many fields. My individual goals are actually grouped together by the fact that one has to be completed before the next one can begin.

Taking the CPA/CMA exam is subsequent to earning my degree. It certifies my skills in accounting and finance, and licenses me with the state to perform in that field. It also endorses me to potential clients that I am qualified to perform the duties needed of me. Being a certified public accountant or a certified management accountant displays my hard work in education and in life experiences.

Ultimately, to be a small business owner is the reason I've embarked on this educational journey. I see various signs in my community of persons that have accounting services, ones that do taxes, bookkeeping, etc and I wonder if they are actually qualified to do what they say. Of course the technology and software is...
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