My Genome, Myself

Topics: DNA, Genetic disorder, Genetics Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: December 14, 2011
My Genome, Myself
Seeking clues in DNA
The DNA age
By: Amy Harmon, November 17, 2007.

Is DNA testing going to prevent a variety of life threatening diseases? Properly it will, and there is no doubt about how many life’s this test can save, but what is the negative sides of this test, Amy Harmon is about to discover both sides of this genome test. This article is about how the DNA has a remarkable effect on people and how the DNA and how it’s information can influence people. Amy Harmon is a journalist on the New York Times, this exact article is from 2007. Amy Harmon is living a normal and healthy life with one child in preschool, I assume that she is living a pretty good and pleasant life, still Amy feels attracted to the idea of knowing about her genome and how her health is evolving through out her life. Amy Harmon is telling us about the breaking technology with DNA, how it can reveal our future, and tell us if we have any heart disease or cancer, this will let us know our destiny and make us stop the eventually evolving cancer tumour in our body. These kind of tests only cost about 1,000 $ and one simple salvia sample, and that’s it, Amy tells us that she feels addicted after just three weeks of daily communion with her genes, it has become a natural daily routine for her, as normal as brushing our teeth every night and morning, Amy checks her account on the site “23andme” the site is the start up company that deals with DNA and our genomes, this is also the site Amy uses on a daily basis, actually hours every day, Amy is not only using the site to check out dangers that may appear in the future, but also things like temperament and regular behaviour, to check all these DNA strips is like looking under the skin and see the problems you won’t see with your bare eyes, that’s why the DNA test attracts people from every corner of the world. But what would you do when or if a very rare heart disease...
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