My Generation

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My Generation

My generation consists of those born between 1980 and 1994. My generation has been labeled a lot of things. We've been called Generation Y, Generation ME, Millennial’s, the Internet Generation, and even Generation Einstein. We have also been labeled the laziest generation ever. We are a cohort of kids that because of instant messaging, Myspace and Facebook, we seek instant gratification. We are impatient and unwilling to work hard, according to many, hence the name, Generation ME. All this “technology” generation wants is instant gratification. Perhaps the most outstanding detail that distinguishes this generation- from even those born just a couple of years earlier- is their level of media consumption, particularly online. Today, the average teenager spends more than 72 hours a week using electronic media, cell phones, internet, television, music and video games.

We are so dependent on our parents; we live with them sometimes into our late 20s and even early 30s. This has then created a group of Baby Boomer "helicopter parents," who even after children move out, stay actively involved in their children's lives. Demographers and sociologists say that these "helicopter parents" have a negative effect on the maturity levels and development of children in my generation. This is not to say that all parents do this to their children, just a good portion of them.

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Technology has taken such a toll on my generation. Although there are those who do not fit this description, most of the youth in this generation are so dependant on technology that they begin to become extremely lazy. Now, if a computer takes longer than 5 seconds to load a webpage, we think to ourselves, “I need a new computer, this one is too slow”. If a task is placed in front of us and we have to actually put effort into it rather than to use technology, we simply don’t want to do it.

Studies show that 76% of youth today are...
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