My Future Wife

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TIt is very important to have a person you can always rely on. I want my wife to be this person. She would be tightly connected with my life. I want to wake up by her tender kiss. The first thing I would see would be her smiling face. She would make a breakfast for us. We would call each other from time to time during all day. In the evening I want to have dinner with her, cooked by her, and fall asleep holding my arms around her.

In this case I want to find an ideal woman. Is it possible nowadays? I do not think so, but a girl should have at least next qualities to become my wife.

First of all, my future wife should be my best friend. I want to share all my troubles, sorrows and dreams with her. She would never let me down and I could always rely on her.

Secondly, I want my wife to be my partner. Everything would be common for us: our children, our house, our money, and duties. And we would have to make important decisions together. They should be sensible and reasonable. Also, we should trust each other.

Next, I want to have a good mother for my future children. She should be warm-hearted, gentle, understanding, and sometimes strict with them because a mother plays more important role in brining up children than a man does. I wish my children were worthy members of modern society.

Then, my wife should be an elegant and a good-looking woman. I want her to have smartness and beauty combined. Nowadays it is quite difficult to find a girl who is smart and beautiful at the same time but I will do my best to find her.

Moreover, I want her to be neither a "business lady" nor a "household drudge". If she were a business lady she would not have enough time for kids, me, our home, and even herself. And if she were a "household drudge" she would be narrow-minded because of lack of communication.

Finally, I want to say that my girlfriend has all these qualities. She certainly has her shortcomings, but I do not pay much attention...
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