My Future

Topics: World, Recycling, Earth Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: March 27, 2015
Name: Shirley Binte Aminul [reg. no: 27]
Class: Secondary 1 Sincerity (SY)
D.O.B: 08/12/2001
Junior Category
Topic no: (2) Imagine what the world will be like when you are an old person. My Imagination of the Future
I have always thought to myself, “What is happening to our world? People are changing. So is the Earth, but in a different way.” We say that we should save our Earth. We are told, every single time, not to waste paper. But is everyone into it? Let us look deeper into this and see what I imagine of the future. When I look around me, what do I see? Glaciers? Mountains? Or forests? Oh, I wish I could see all those beautiful landscapes of our Earth again! But instead, I see people so busy with their phones, chatting away, playing video games, engrossed with the social network or even doing all of them at once! Nothing else, but technology all around me. Next, look at my country, Singapore, which had always been described as a ‘clean and green’ city. Do you think we can still call it as such? Areas, where there were once beautiful green grass and forests, are now disappearing! Along pavements, you will see used tissue papers and cans carelessly thrown away, even though the rubbish bin is just a few metres away! I have even read in the news that every single day, ten thousand kilograms of rubbish drains into the Marina Reservoir! After looking through all these clues and evidences, I can see that Earth is going to change, massively. Even the extinction rate of animals are on the rise! Seeing these technology, cleanliness and environment changing issues, I can imagine my ‘future me’ in a very different world. I would rather call it the ‘era of science, robots and technology’. Now, even my mother tells me, “Look Shirley, the world is changing. People are so addicted to their electronics that they don’t even bother to appreciate the nature around them. One...
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