My Funeral

Topics: English-language films, Death customs, Burial Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: March 21, 2007
For my funeral, I would like everyone I know to come to it. Also I would very appreciate it if no one cries or is sad. I would just like it if they share my memories instead of mourning over them. I don't mind if my funeral is not that fancy, because I will not be there to see it, but I sure don't want the mood of the funeral very melancholy. I would also like people to dress in white, as per our Indian culture. I do not want to be buried underground and just rot away, but I would like it very much if I am cremated. I would like my ashes to be scattered in India, near my home there. During my wake, I would like everyone to do prayers with me and hope that I would come back to them in a different form, because I believe in rebirth. In my culture, we don't mourn over the ones we lost, but understand that God pick his flowers for a reason and we don't question the all knowing. My funeral should all be the way they used to do it in India. Most importantly, I would like to die where I was born, in Chicago. There, most of my friends and family live. I would also like the president to come to my funeral, even though that might be impossible, along with Bill Gates. I would also like to have my favorite possessions, at the time, to be with me at the wake. Mainly, I would very, very much appreciate it if my family members do not cry, because that will make my soul very sad and much attached to the previous body. Also I would like if everyone shares my memories on behalf of me, since I can not address to the public when I am dead. My funeral does not have to be the most expensive, but it would be excellent if it is the most remembered.
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