My Front Porch

Topics: Olfaction, Sound, Sports car Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Sitting on the front porch on a beautiful sunny, breezy day. The suns kiss makes skin warm to the touch. When the breeze starts blowing it cools you down making you get goose bumps for a moment. The porch is old and brown. Nobody knows of when the last time it was painted. Nails coming out of the wood, that’s why there are chairs to sit in. There are steps that lead right up to the glass door. Sometimes you might see a curious dog or cat peeking his head out the door trying to get a glimpse of sun. The revelry of neighbors cackling and loud barking of the dogs in the neighborhood is obnoxious. If you listen closely in the trees above are birds chirping away and squirrels running amuck from branch to branch. Occasionally the sound of little kids take over your ears, they are loud and cheerful. Laughing and playing in the field by the factory or riding bikes in the street. Maybe later in the day there might be the joyful sound of an ice-cream truck making its way down the street, possibly even people screaming for it to stop. This time of year is when people have cookouts in the neighborhood. The smell of a charcoal grill getting lite takes over your senses. Hot dogs, hamburgers and barbeque chicken are what you smell.

While olfactory’s are being bombarded by smells of paprika and horseradish emanating from the spice factory across the street myriad cars peel wheels down the street flying past houses of many shapes and sizes. Plus the original smell of old Dundalk mixes together making the air smell awfully strange. But the smell of the fresh cut grass masks it all. You can see factory from the porch. There are many different cars in the parking lot and few people talking on cell phones and smoking cigarettes, outside on their lunch breaks. The factory is a big building with about a hundred windows and three stories. Hearing the loud buzzing from the AC unit is pretty annoying, especially hearing it on a daily basis. Big green 4x4 trucks, small red...
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