My Friend, Chris

Topics: Langley Research Center, Man, Hampton, Virginia Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: October 8, 1999
There are many people in this world who hold great reputations. There are far fewer people who possess great character. A reputation is built in just moments, and reflects what you do in front of people. Character, on the other hand, is built over years, and is reflected in what is unseen by others. Of all of my friends, one exemplifies great character more than any of the others. His name is Chris.

Chris stands a little over 6 feet tall with thick, dirty blonde hair. His piercing blue eyes change color in the sunlight. He is very light complected, with a small amount of facial hair on the base of his chin. His long sideburns grow down the length of his ear. He is one of those adventurous guys who does things that I would never dream of doing. Realizing that life is short, his ambition is to make the most out of life that he possibly can. Chris has influenced me more than any other person on the campus. He did this by making me believe in who I really am.

« Always remember that life is what you make of it. You have the chance to become whatever you desire – it's a gift that God gives you, » he told me once. «Some people spend their lives blaming others for their problems. Its far better to spend time and energy searching for answers -- instead of pointing fingers. »

One of his great attributes is shown in the fact that he tries to cheer people up and make them laugh while they are experiencing great emotional stress or pain. He is known to play some great practical jokes on friends just to brighten their day. He once called a friend who was going through some personal problems and told him that he was being investigated by the Humane Society for animal cruelty. Chris even involved many of his fellow workers in the joke. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the man that they were joking! Later that night, he remembered to explain to the man about the joke. Fearing that his friend would be upset, he sheepishly told him about his...
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