My Foundations Lab

Topics: Critical thinking, Psychology, Master's degree Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: May 17, 2013
1.What were the suggested next steps in your MyFoundationsLab Learning Path? My suggested next steps in MyFoundationsLab Learning Path was to continue on to the next module. It just said “Congratulations, you have mastered all available topics!”. I think i did a pretty good job on my learning path. I had to retake maybe three of the rest of them i mastered on the first try. MyFoundationsLab is a very good activity. Some of the coursework that was on there i havent seen since i was in high school, but once i started on the work it all came back to me, and everything was alright. 2. How do the skills apply to your academic life? MyFoundationsLab Learning Path skills apply to my academic life because first of all it helps my thinking skills, which are essential in solving academic, professional, and personal life problems. It can help my writting, and math skills. It can help me in several different ways. Note taking, which is something im really going to need to do now, and in my future courses. It can help me in test taking, and critical thinking. All these skills are necessary for the courses that i am taking now, and the rest of my courses so i can finish school, and receive my degree. 3. How do the skills apply to your professional life? MyFoundationsLab Learning Path skills apply to my professional life, because once i succeed in my accomplishment like getting my degree in hospitality, travel, and tourism i will be able to obtain a better job with a higher salary, and excellent benefits. Financially i will be able to take care of my family a whole lot better than i was doing before i had the degree. I won’t have to worry if ill be able to make ends meet, or how i will be able to pay my bills from month-to-month. I will have a budget, but i wont have to be so tight with my money, because ill be making enough to do everything i have to do. These skills will really make a difference in my life in the long run. 4. Were you surprised by the...
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