My First Wrestling Match

Topics: Wrestling, Grappling, Martial arts Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: December 11, 2005
My First Wrestling Match

Have you ever felt so scared that you were going to throw up and faint? This describes my mother at my first wrestling match. This also describes my feelings. It was my first wrestling tournament ever; the anticipation was so thick you could cut it with a knife. This match would come to be known as one of the most challenging adventures in my life.

I had never wrestled before or seen a wrestling match. Coach A. told me to try wrestling because I tackled like a wrestler. I wasn't sure I was going to try it. My parents encouraged me to try something new. New things make me nervous. I talked with my classmates who wrestled the year before and they said it was not big deal to wrestle.

I met the other wrestlers at the middle school for the tournament. My parents and my grandpa came to my first tournament. My grandma didn't come because she didn't like wrestling. She didn't want to see someone beat on her grandson. I didn't want my opponent to beat on me either. She has refused to come to all of the matches.

There were four teams at the tournament. There were kids that were small and some that were huge. I was watching all the smaller wrestlers wondering which one would be my first opponent. When my name was called my knees started knocking and my heart was pounding. After I checked in I finally met my opponent who was from HMS. He was smaller than me so it made me less nervous. We walked onto the mat, the referee spoke to us, and we shook hands. It was time to wrestle. I took him down for two points. He escaped for one point. Then we started over, I took him down and he escaped. It was finally over. I won my first match 8-4.

Victory was mine. I was excited and relieved that it was over. I looked around the gym looking at everyone and suddenly found my mom. She seemed to be enjoying herself. She didn't get sick. My attention returned to the other matches, cheering for my teammates, and getting ready...
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