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My first week at my university

By KartikeyBhatt1 Aug 30, 2014 270 Words
To sum up, my first week is like a journey filled with questions and answers, new people, new stories, discovery, determination and inspiration. As a matter of fact, entering into law school is a terrifying and an overwhelming experience as I thought of when I planned for the said path. On the very first morning in this university, I did not really want to go, because my heart was lingering memories of high school. It’s a well established case of when the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. But it went exactly opposite to what I thought of, because everyone here is friendly and most freshmen are in the same boat as me with not knowing many people. My friends and suite-mates completely got along from the second we meet and they are like my best friends here. What I disliked at the instance here was the social atmosphere which is very heavily dominated by caste based politics and hypocrites. But it is not what I actually perceived, I feel like it is more of a stepping stone into the real world. As in It will be a life changing experience for the better. Though Being homesick is sometimes rough especially because the distance is not so far. I just seem to remember why I am here and what my goals are and that gets me through it. The professors seem to be lenient and understanding so that is a major plus. But the major setback is the heated Aravali which makes the walk to class tiring and make me look like a lost freshman.

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