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My First Trip Back Home to California

By ogd13 Nov 16, 2013 808 Words
 Kierra Bazilio
My First Trip Back Home to California (rough draft)

“Ring! Ring! Ring!” went the tune playing from my cell phone to wake me up at five thirty in the morning. It was a gloomy Monday morning when I woke up for school that day. I knew staying up socializing with my brother leondre was a bad idea, but I did it anyways. I was awake, but my bed didn't want me to get up. I laid there for ten more minutes until I realized I really had to get up before I was late for school. So, I finally got up and got in the hot shower and just let the warm water hit my body. The shower felt so good , I could have been in there all day, but unfortunately I obviously couldn’t. After that, I brushed my teeth and washed my face then heard my phone ringing again but this time it was my mom. I answered the phone and all I heard was her saying calmly as if she just woke up “ Kierra, get up. I hope you don't miss the bus.” I responded “ I am.” then hung up the phone. I hated going to school so early; it was like one of the worst feelings ever considering I am not a morning person. I also just hated getting out of my bed, especially on the cold mornings. That was the worst part! Anyways, after about an hour, I was ready to walk out the door to catch the bus. As im waiting at the bus stop, my mother texts me saying: “Ki, we're going to california in two weeks! :)” my heart dropped. As I was getting on the bus, I was stil looking at my phone in disbelief. Words could not explain how happy I was. Reading that text was like a breath of fresh air and suddenly that cold, gloomy monday morning turned into a bright sunny one; well at least in my eyes. The news my mother shared with me helped me get threw that boring monday. When I got home, I started packing immediately. We were going for exactly a week, so I made sure I packed seven of my cutest outfits. It was three years since I've been there and a lot can change in three years so I was very excited and anxious to see

my family and of course the beautful California skies. These two weeks needed to go by fast. Two weeks went by, and it was time to go to the airport. I never really like the airport because everytime I was going, I wasn't going anywhere. We were either picking up a family member or watching them leave us which always sucked. But this time, I actually had a great reason to be excited. I was going back home, which was one of the best feelings ever. So while my mother, brother, dog, and I waited at the airport that cold winter morning at the airport, we just talked about what all we were going to do we when we got there. This trip was literally a new found experience for all of us since we hadn't been there for so long. After waiting for two hours sitting at the gate all bundled up in our winter attire, it was time for us to get on the plane. We took our seats and just smiled at each other realizing how official it was. We finally took off after forty-five minutes and now all that was standing in the way of me getting back to California, was the four hour flight. We left Georgia on a cold winter morning and arrived in Los Angeles, CA on a warm winter afternoon. I kind of expected it, but I just couldn't get over the fact that I was back in my city. Once I got off that plane, I felt the warm California sun beaming down on my skin. I felt like a zombie when I was in Georgia, and being back just made me feel so alive again. When we exited those airport doors, we were all so excited that we could barely contain it. As we sat on the shuttle bus to Van Nuys, CA, we were just looking out the windows looking at the beautiful palm trees, which is what I missed the most. It took us about thirty minutes to get to Van Nuys which was where my nana was picking us up from. We arrived, I was so exicted to see her so I gave her a big hug and a kiss and my mom and brother did the same. We left immediately after greeting to get our trip started as soon as possible, there was no time to lose; we had a lot to do in a little time.

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