My First Trip Abroad

Topics: English-language films, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: October 16, 2012
My first holiday Abroad

The date was set, I was nervious but also exicted tp the whole idea of another country. It happned out of the blue, I remeber the night vividly.I was in my room playing xbox, other than the roaring sound of cars blowing up and crashing on my T.V. The surroundings were quiet. Just then the phone went-it was my auntie."Hello" said I in a wondering state of mind as i was never usually called by her much. "Hiya" her voice was loud and happy "do you want to come to Ibiza with me and Zak?" i was stunned with this offer, "ehhh" i replied my mind felt like it was about to explode with the information. I could hear Zak (my younger cousin) in the background shouting "Yay Hal is coming with us woo hoo!" after a minute of silence at my end. " okay, i will come" looking back on this decision i think that my thinking about things just before i go ahead and do something, has helped me make important choices in my life. I had to be prepared for my holiday, buying T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses i didnt want my first ever holiday to be me standing next to the pool bored while everyone is having a fun time. Looking back on this i should have beeen more optimistic about the holiday than i was. I suppose it was more shock than anything else. When we got to the airport i saw all of the people i thought to myself "I hope i dont end up in a big line", I was happy that i didnt. We got to a counter with no other people than a women behind a desk, it was like blur how fast we got our tickets. Before i knew it i was on the plane. It was my first time on a plane safe to say I was quite nervious. Thr flight was delayed by an hour. The suspence was almost too much, eventually we took off. I can remeber the force of the plane pulling me back into my seat it was such a shock to my body. Before i knew it I was up 35,000 feet in the air looking down at the sea, I am not that good with heights but it was beautiful scenery the way the sun set into the ociane. When we...
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