My First Time in the Student Loung

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My First Time in the Student Lounge
When I first stepped into the student lounge I noticed that there were many activities for students. There were computers for students to access the Internet, places for students to sit, and a coffee shop that put out a wonderful aroma throughout the student lounge. As I looked around, I saw people studying and reading books. Most of them all had some sort of beverage in their hands, and they seemed very relaxed. In the student lounge, there are plenty of computers available to everyone who wishes to use them. These computers can be used to look up anything needed for class purposes or for homework. The computers can also be used for entertainment if you want to play some games to take your mind off of your busy day ahead. Students can bring their own head phones to plug into the student lounge computers. While doing this they can listen to music without bothering other students in the lounge. The student lounge offers wireless Internet in the student lounge which can be very important to a lot of students. Wireless Internet provides you many options and access for study and research. In today’s technology, most hand held devices are wirelessly ready for Internet. Those who didn’t catch the morning news can get a second chance with the eight plasma televisions hanging from the ceiling in the lounge. Some other stations are broadcasted like sports channels and educational channels. The student lounge offers many technologically advanced items to entertain, teach, and relax one while on campus.

The students who would like a nice cup of Jo can stop by the coffee shop located right in the middle of the student lounge. Students can choose from a vast menu of different mixtures and coffees. There is always a smile behind the counter waiting to help you with whatever selection you have made and if the student is not a coffee person then there is a selection of snacks and healthy sandwiches to choose from if in need of a quick...
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