My First Time in Hawaii

Topics: English-language films, Hawaii, High school Pages: 4 (1668 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Small Bintu Fofanah Prof.David Bahr FIRST TIME IN HAWAII My first experience in Honolulu, Hawaii was really,really exciting and unforgettable. It's a beautiful and tropical land full of wildlife and amazing things. For example the languages of the many tribes spoken there are different. One of the main languages there is called Sommore. The military is one of the main job in Hawaii. Whether you are married or single it the easy way to make money. The military also pay for your school as well as your home for you and your family. Their ways of dressing and dancing is different and unique from other cultures. In Hawaii you are welcome by their saying "aloha followed by o wai kou inoa"? Which means what is your name. Hula is a famous hawaiian dance. It's also a very interesting dance which is done at luans and festival. This dance tells a story with motions. Today in Hawaii million of people perform this dance on the street to make money and it's also done at family get together with friends. The weather is humid all year round, which drive's every one to the beach no matter what time of day it's. As a student at Radford high school, on salt lake Boulevard I was always in a rush to leave school, so I can spend the rest of my day at my favorite beach called Bellows. It was always fun to be at the beach with the friendly and out going people. I remember one sunny afternoon my friends and I went to the beach, as I stood there in the sky blue water listening to the birds chirp I felt something moving beside me so I bend down slowing and put my hands in the cold water it was a fish. I couldn't believe that I had just caught a living breathing creature with my bear hand. While living in Hawaii goes on to a week, my Aunt decided for us to go register me for school, after the Thanksgiving holiday. My Aunt walked to the registering...
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