My First Rock Concert

Topics: Rock music, Rock festival, Glam rock Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: July 23, 2012
When I think of term rock and roll, I remember watching MTV and seeing Axel Rose scream into the microphone with his whinny voice the lyrics of “Paradise City” while dancing across the stage in his ridiculous outfits. My father would nostalgically reminisce of the epic guitar solos of the Eagles, Don Felder. My father being a teenager during the height of the rock music era afforded him certain opportunities to see the big hair bands perform live during their prime. When I was still a boy, he would tell me stories of concerts he had been to and rock legends he had met. I had always wanted to have such an experience and last month my wish was finally granted. I called some friends to come over and help me assemble a pool I had recently purchased. They countered my offer of manual labor with a free ticket to the Orion Rock Festival at Bater field in Atlantic City. The pool didn’t get assembled on that day. The roads that led to Atlantic City were in a state of gridlock, bumper to bumper, everyone in a rush to go nowhere. Finally, we made it to Bater field and too much of my dismay there was no parking. I looked down Albany Ave. and all I could see was an endless wall of automobiles that were trying to deny my long sought after coming of age experience. Twenty minutes, and two miles later, we found parking in an obscure side street parking lot. Once we started the hike back down the road we had just came, I realized that wearing flip-flops would be a decision I would soon regret. The longer we walked the more I lagged behind my companions, which resulted in me calling them twice trying to locate them. The conversations seemed more like a bad version of Marco Polo than an actual phone call. Eventually, the mass exodus from our cars to the promise land of Bater Field was over. Approaching the main entrance, I began to be molested by droves of make- shift merchants trying to sell me anything from shirts that didn’t fit, event tickets I already had, to substances I...
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