My First Love

Topics: Love, Horse, Pony Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: October 19, 2010
What is love? I never knew until I was fourteen year old at my first horse show. My family has always told me that when I loved someone or something unconditionally for exactly what it was without expecting anything in return, and when I was away from whatever I loved I would feel like something was missing, and only then would I truly understand love. At that first horse show I understood what they told me. For me my first horse show changed my life, it made me feel so alive and I never wanted to leave. Everyone has their own definitions of love but mine is for a series of events and is much different from the typical "love" that most people understand.

I was afraid and wanted to leave but a strange feeling kept me there. Something in my heart willed me to stay and try to compete for my first time. These thoughts kept going through my head as I got my horse ready. The announcer called my name and I rode into the arena. Then my entire view changed. The small arena looked huge, the small crowd roaring to support me, the announcer babbling on, and then everything went quiet and it was only me and my horse. It is a feeling I have never before experienced in my life. It was amazing.

After my first time of going into that arena I knew that it would be the first of many times I would go into an arena. I quickly started going to more and more, some say it is an addiction. I couldn't stop, the feeling was so great and whether I would win or lose it didn't matter I felt on top of the world.

Now I have been to many shows that I don't hear anything. It is such a busy and crazy atmosphere at the shows but as soon as I get in the ring every noise, every sight goings away and my heart leads me around the obstacles. It is unlike many people will ever understand in their lifetime.
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