My FIrst Journey on an Airplane

Topics: Angle, Anxiety, Plane Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of flying. I desired to experience the feeling of soaring through the clouds forty thousand feet above sea level. I needed to understand the sensation of taking off and landing safely on the tarmac. I even wanted to recognize what turbulence felt like. Little did I know this dream of mine would soon become one of my most dreadful nightmares. The eagerness of wheeling my suitcase down the jet bridge made butterflies move throughout my stomach. My dream of flying was about to come true. The pilots and flight attendants greeted me with smiles as I walked through the doors as if they knew this was my first time. The musty, sweaty smell of the aircraft consumed me. I showed one of the flight attendants my crumpled ticket and he kindly led me to my seat. I took a deep breath, like it was my last, and sat down. The armrests of the chair felt worn, as if many hands had tightly gripped them. This thought sent a shiver up my back. The wait before the take-off seemed like a lifetime. Most of the passengers were overcome by sleep due to the early hour of morning. Sleeping was not an option for me. I was too overwhelmed with anxiety and eagerness. Suddenly, I heard and felt the rumbling vibration of the engines. Sensations of excitement and nervousness ricocheted throughout my entire body. The aircraft taxied to the runway. I could see and feel the wings of the plane bounce as we traveled over each indentation of the pavement. As we got closer and closer to the runway, my spine became straight as an arrow. I tightened the strap of my seat-belt every time I felt the plane speed up. I began to hold my breath. We accelerated faster, and faster, and faster. I sensed the nose of the plane point towards the morning sky. The blood in my toes boiled. My hands tingled, like five hundred needles poking me. The tail of the plane felt like it was going to hit the earth as we angled upward. I had to look out my window to...
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