My First Journey Abroad

Topics: England, Boredom, English-language films Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: January 7, 2011
My life in England is completely different from life I lead in Poland.First of all when I came to this country I had to became a real adult person ,far away from family and friends I could rely only on myself and I had to cope alone with my own problems.It was realy hard because in Poland I was get used to my parents help nad smart advases.In England I have to make choices by myself pay for thir consecvences.From one point it is good because nobody controls me but also nobody helps me. .In my opinion living in England makes mi more independent person,a self-sufficient girl,who earns her own money ;study,rents a flat,takes all the important and less important decisions ,make choices and assumes responsibility for her own life.I could say when I lived in Poland I was still a girl since I came to England I became a woman( Even tough I miss my family and friens who I left in my country I realy enjoy my life in England,because is so exciting and picturesque place,A ,.England in its own is so interesting and fascinating palce to live its like a big world contained in one country.I love this place for its cosmopolity and open minded people and no matter wher you from what color your skin is you can feel freedom and independence. Nnow I have lots of new friends,my favoutites coffee shops ,restaurants,pubs and even library shops in this way my life is never boring I have not even time to be bored ... I think England is country with huge opportunities so it is a great destination for young ambition people who aim high and want achive a lot in their lifes and trust me I one of them I can say that I’m proud of being Polish ,I;m proud of being Europien and now I’m proud of being a part of English society…summarize my LIFE IIN ENBGLAND IS REALY COOL
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