My First Flight

Topics: Flight, Plane, Fear Pages: 2 (980 words) Published: October 26, 2013
As exhilarated as I was, I was not mentally prepared for everything that was about to happen. My heart thumped wildly against my chest. I was in a nervous wreck as I dragged my bag along the carpet floor, heading towards the corridor. The hall was filled with people from different walks of life. I glanced up and noticed a sign telling me that I could get on. Butterflies were all over in my tummy, but the anticipation of the monumental event that was about to take place was even greater. “Today’s the day! I’ll soon be in the air!” I mumbled to myself. Not being able to stand the curiosity and elation that had haunt my heart, I hastened my pace and carried my feet to almost a jog. I was overwhelmed with a mountain of joy with each step closer to the airplane. My entire body could barely hold itself together with the feeling of excitement and nervousness congested in my mind. I was utterly oblivious to the crowd that was with me, running through every details of the airplane’s design. The metal around the entry door was a little rusted and worn, which gave me an eerie feeling. As I stepped aboard the enormous and majestic plane, my face turned wan and beads of perspiration started forming on my head as the fear of heights dawned on me. Out of the blue, a mild and gentle voice jolted me back to reality. An air stewardess greeted me with a warm and welcoming smile plastered on her lovely mug. Her neat uniform matched absolutely perfect to her precise countenance. She had amiable features and a brunette hair styled in big curls. Adrenaline surged in an insurmountable amount through my veins as I searched for my seat. I took the window-seat for an easy view of the spectacle outside. With my trembling hands, I grabbed my bulky bag and shoved it into the upper compartment. I then settled in my seat without much mishap and got myself into a slightly more comfortable sitting. Loud engine booms penetrated the air as the plane started its pace on the lane. The plane’s left...
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