My First Day at College

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After spending long twelve years in school life, stepping ahead towards your career, to turn your dreams into reality, is like a revolution for each student. Scoring good, and selecting the best college one can get is itself a big challenge. Well, I can say some people like me, gets a good luck in that regard.
I can never forget that bright sunny day when I first stepped in this college. I can just say- “that day was when I climbed the first step towards my dream”. Before I go into much details of the college, let me take you to flashback. I am Bhavuk Ahuja, a student of NSIT, belonging from Roorkee city. I am a person with dreams, as every person have some of them, but not same. I want to shine like a star. After the result of AIEEE, I was a bit depressed as I thought that my dream of admission in a top engineering college is now shattered. But sometimes, God has something better in store for you, something more than you even desire. Yes, he had something for me too.

Now, it was the college gate in front of me and as I stepped in I felt an unpredictable pleasure and satisfaction in my soul.
“It seems to be a wide campus”, I said to myself and could not resist smiling. I reached the academic block, did the registrations and then I realised I was living my dream. Yes, finally, my dream was turned into reality. My first lecture in my dream college. My desire came to be true and it was difficult for me to believe that. I can’t forget the moment I was sitting on the last bench and didn’t even heard a single word of my lecture. I was in dream and to be very frank I was very proud that I made it to NSIT. It was the break and all the freshers were heading towards Nescafe. That day I saw so many smiling faces together having satisfaction in their eyes. I said to myself,” Welcome to the college life”. But I came here with many dreams in my eyes, not only mine but dad’s too. I believe taking knowledge from this college will definitely

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