My First Cruise

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Aaron Henley
Tim Goss
9 February 2012

My First Cruise

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? What made you want to travel? I went on a cruise in June of 2011. I’d say it was the best time of my life. I got to swim in the ocean, Meat people from other cultures, and discovered parts of the world I’ve never seen. The name of the cruise ship was Destiny. Maybe it’s my destiny to travel the world.

It all started one early morning in June. I was awake and was so anxious I hadn’t slept all night. I was ready for my first out of country experience. I had my suitcases packed and in the truck before anyone else. Once everybody’s things were packed we all ate breakfast. “Everything packed and everybody use the restroom?” Mom asked. Of course everyone was ready to go besides my little brother Clayton. He’s 11 and a pain. While my mom was helping Clayton get all of his things together. My sisters Shelbie and Samantha were talking about seating arrangements in the car. I was in my room getting a last minute playlist ready on my mp3 player. “Aaron! It’s time to go!” My stepdad yells to me.

Going out to the car I pop my ear buds in and drown out my brother and sisters arguing about who is sitting where. I get in the back seat behind my mom, where there’s more leg room. On the way to Florida we drove through many states, such as Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia. Driving through these states I had seen a ton of mountains, plains, and even big cities. I knew immediately when we were close to Florida due to the smell of the ocean. As we arrived at the port where the cruise ships were docked, my adrenaline shot through the roof. I just wanted to shout at the top of my lounges. By the looks on all of our faces you could tell we were extremely excited. Walking to the port we met up with my grandma, her husband and his son. Before we could get on the cruise we had to get out cruise cards and a family picture had to be taken. Entering the cruise, my jaw dropped. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. Everything was lit up like the plaza on Christmas Eve. Lost in the lights, I hadn’t realized my family was going to our rooms. We got to our rooms and it wasn’t what I expected. It was small, with four beds, a closet, a dresser and a full bathroom. My brother was lucky and got to sleep in our grandma’s room, which was a huge suite. “Mom, I’m leaving to explore the ship.” I said.

“Ok but be back in a couple hours.” She replied.
The ship seemed so much bigger on the inside, with all of the different activities and places you could go. There was a casino, a candy store, several bars, a basketball court, a dance club, a karaoke club, and many places to eat. After I scouted out most of the ship I went back to the room. Before the ship could set sail everyone on the cruise had to go over the safety rules if an emergency were to happen. About 10 minutes after the rules were established, Destiny was leaving the docks.

Out in the open ocean, waves crashing on the side of the ship, and the feel of the ocean spray, everyone was enjoying themselves. The first activity I participated in was a tasty lunch, including chicken strips, a juicy cheeseburger with every topping I could fit, French fries, and a bowl of vanilla/chocolate swirl. Once my hunger was satisfied I went to the top deck to view the ocean. Looking in every distance the only thing that could be seen was water. I couldn’t wait for the evening festivities to start.

On the first night of the cruise there was a big dinner in the dining hall with the captain and his wife. All the foods on the menu were extravagant, exotic and something you would see on a five star restaurants menu. I ordered Portobello mushrooms for my appetizer and roast with potatoes and au jus for my entrée. It was all made by a famous chef and his assistant chefs. It was probably the best tasting meal I’ve ever had. The cruise ship was mostly quiet early on the...
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