My First Acid Trip

Topics: Johnny Depp, Chair, LSD Pages: 3 (1314 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Zachary Yates
Mr. Ellis
ENG 1101
April 7, 2013
Narrative and Descriptive Essay

My First LSD Trip
Ever since I heard of LSD, I’d always been interested in it. I could never believe that taking a drug could literally alter your reality. It even makes your subconscious come out into the real world. It’s even described as having your dreams come true. I’d research experience stories and all the facts, but I really just needed to try it myself!

A few friends and I were sitting around playing Dead Space 3, when my friend Kyle told me that he could get some acid. Excitedly, we called his friend and asked him to bring him four hits of acid. As soon as the friend got to Kyle’s house he handed us each two hits, and we placed them on our tongues. Knowing that we had 30 to 45 minutes until the LSD trip began, we continued to play Kyle’s videogames. About ten minutes after initially taking the drug, I started to feel an extremely intense high. All I could do was laugh and play with my hands. I was confused by this as I was expecting to see brightly colored visuals everywhere. I looked at Kyle and told him that I just felt higher than I’ve ever felt in my life. “Just wait, Zach,” He said,” You’ll start feeling it soon.” The words,” You’ll start feeling it soon,” floated out of his mouth in a comic book speech bubble before splattering on the wall. All I could reply to him after seeing three dimensional words fly across the room was “Oh.” Suddenly the ceiling started dripping a vibrant orange onto the walls until they were completely colored. My attention turned back to the videogame Kyle was playing; it was more real than anything I’d ever seen! I felt as if I was looking into the TV, instead of just watching it. Every time the main character shot and killed an alien, it exploded into millions of colors and body parts. Kyle continued to play the game, and I continued to give my undivided attention. The futuristic videogame inspired me to start thinking about the...
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