My Feelings ...

Topics: Love, Homosexuality, Gay Pages: 4 (684 words) Published: May 23, 2008
Josh ... my first boyfriend...( 12/9/02 - 14/7/05 )

It was raining that night,shadows covered the dimest moonlight and the sound of silence was heard.Crying with my eyes all red and sore, i planned to jump off this building for a long time.TO & fro i wanted to commit suicide,but my bravery was not there.Suddenly my mind was full of flashbacks where my mum and dad wanting to divorce,my mum shouted out that she hates me and saying that my presence has made her life as if in hell.My body pushed it's self to the edge and i looked down the 20-storey high building.I lifed my leg ......

"Wait! James don't ! what are u doing ???"

My angel came, he was the person so special that i would never forget! He jabbed me down from the ledge and huged me so tight .My life was full of pain,but in his arms i felt loved .we huged in that rainy night... on the roof of that flat building...

It was that night that night it-self...i think our GAY relation started ...i slept at his place and we made love... it was my virgin lost night ... ah~~ pain ... anyway ...i didn't really care ... i just gave my-self to him ...

Well josh and i had been friends since primary school he is 3 years older that me ...tall, white, cute...we were also neigbours too .. therefore our family were quite close together ...

basically we were happy and we did everything together... sex.. and many many more ... our relation was never open to the public ... even our parents don know ... all was happy till ...

one day he was hit dead by a car ...while crossing the road ...


"i did'nt fell in love with u because i'm gay,
and i didn't become gay after falling in love with u,
i just fell in love with a person,
and in the same time the person's gender was male"

~~ my feelings ~~
my pain,it's not known..
i hide it inside so deep..
i'm feeling so lonely in nights..
sadness wonders around me..
lonelyness haunts me in the night.....
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