My Favourite Teacher

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Every average student would have been taught by at least forty different teachers before entering university. We might have different views towards different teachers respectively, whether it was hatred because he had caned us, or loving because she did take good care of us. If we are to point out our favourite teacher, there won't be any absolute answer since everyone has his own perspective towards the teacher's characteristics that favor them. Well, I pay my tribute to my tuition teacher, Mr. Peter Lim.

Mr. Peter had been teaching me since I was in form two. He is indeed the most hardworking tuition teacher I've ever seen. Unlike other teachers who photostat the grammar exercises from some reference books, Mr. Peter used his own hands to type all the exercises, not by using computer but the classic typing machine. He would intersperse several small pictures within the notes given to make it looked interesting. Another great example is that he would examine every word and the sentence of essays written by his students carefully. He would spend his time telling us our mistakes one by one when he was giving back our essay books. My school teacher was totally different - she marked our essays by underlining the sentences without correcting it, leaving puzzlement among us.

I was pleased by Mr. Peter's unique teaching style, his class would never get bored because he always raised his volume to maximum accompanied by various facial expressions while teaching. Sometime he would share his anecdotes to delight the class. Being a retired school teacher, he was experienced in educating his students as well as handling disciplinary cases. At the same time, he was a indulged reader showing concern towards the general global issues besides having different hobbies such as mountain climbing, jungle trekking, fishing, cooking etc. He had developed certain philosophies about life and always reminded us to be noble, moderate and accept anything that had happened in order...
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