My Favourite Lecturer
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Each lecturer has its own style, techniques and strategy to the lesson. Also different students prefer different types of lecturers and as the saying is “there is no disputing about tastes”. However it is obvious that lecturer who uses right techniques of teaching will be popular with majority of students and vice versa also true. Every person during his life was in a huge number of lectures, starting from school lessons and ending with scientific seminars. Some of them make bright impression and a person will remember them for a long time. I am not exception and I have my favorite lecturers. One of them is Mister X.
He was taught me physics only during 9th grade but I still remember how enthusiastically attended his lectures. I never liked physics before his lectures, because I didn’t like a lot of formulas which you should remember and I think that using only them you can solve the problems. Lectures were also boring. Monotonous voice of teacher and a lot of naked facts about some topic were only things which I got at the end of each lectures. Mister X was my teacher but topic of this essay is “My favorite lecturer” and unfortunately I will not write about his practical lessons.
As I wrote in previous paragraph I presented physics as the science about naked facts and formulas. But from Mister X’s lectures I started understand origins of those things and from that point they didn’t seems to me like naked facts or formulas. I understand that everything complex in physics based on fundamental simple phenomena. After his lectures I haven’t to remember formulas I can derive them by myself. It was wonderful for me because I never like remember and I started to think that remembering without understanding bases of something is not best way to gain new knowledge. Yes, it takes less time than looking inside of something, but also you remember them only for short period of time.
Second difference of his lectures was way of explaining lectures. It was not monotonous

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