My Favorite Subject

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Logic Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: January 14, 2013
My Favorite Subject
High-school students should be familiar with this formula a2 + b2 = c2. No doubt, that is a well-known formula to define angles in a certain triangle found by Pythagoras, so called Pythagoras as well. Talking about Pythagoras, it reminds us to a certain subject namely Mathematics. Mathematics used to be my favorite subject when I was a high-school student. The term ‘favorite’ commonly refers to something we love best. I have some reasons why I used to like studying Mathematics. First, Mathematics is one of the basic sciences, so it would be very impressive for me to learn even master the subject. Second, Mathematics taught me how to think logically. The last, my teacher made Mathematics easy and fun subject to learn. Mathematics becomes one of the important basic sciences besides Language and Science itself. It is widely spread and universally applied. Everyone around the world learns Mathematics. It can be used as an orientation to measure or define one’s intelligence or logical thinking. Counting, as an example, is one of the applications of this science. It is impossible for anybody to be able to count well if he/she does not learn Mathematics. In school, Mathematics is taught as one of the obligatory subjects. It is given to the students in order to help them solve their problems in the daily life. Another advantage of learning Mathematics for the students is that Mathematics can help them much in studying other subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, etc. To my mind, learning Mathematics is fun as long as we understand well the concept. Mathematics becomes difficult when your mind say so. It can be negative suggestion to your mind, so that your performance would be automatically affected. In conclusion, Mathematics is important subject to learn. Everyone needs to learn Mathematics for it is one of the important basic sciences. Learning Mathematics is fun and easy when we think so. In addition, you have to try to build...
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