My Favorite Place

Topics: Swimming pool, Debut albums, Concession stand Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Justina Theisen
English II
January 10, 2011
Sometimes, people need to take a break from their stressful days. Where would you go? Whether it would be at the comfort of your own home, or at a sports event, we all have a place. Sometimes, people like calm, relaxing, and peaceful places, but other times, they like loud places to have fun and enjoy where they are. My favorite place is any water park.

Water parks are the place to be to see everyone having fun. No one cares how cold the water is because it is so got out. The lifeguards make sure everyone is playing nicely together and being safe. There is a place for the kids to play in more shallow water. People are lying on the shore of the wave pool to tan their skin.

On hot days, I love to swim in deep water. I also love the thrill of water slides as I rush down them. When you are on your way home, you can sometimes still feel the waves of the wave pool lifting you up and down. The smell of chlorine from the water fills the air. You can smell the food being made in the concession stands. The sound of screaming people as they slide down the slides is herd around the whole park. Music is also being played for the happy swimmers. I can touch the water that fills the pools, as I get deeper into the water. While I go down the slides, I can feel the smooth rubber that makes people slide faster and faster as they get closer to the bottom. As I sit on the hot cement, I can feel the sun warm my skin. I can taste the chlorine in the water when the water splashes me. I can also taste freshly popped popcorn being made in the concession stand.

Waiting in lines at water parks is never fun. People are happy to even be in the spot they are in, rather than 20 people behind. Time flies when you are having fun in the cool water and the hot sun. No one wants to wait in lines the whole time when there are pools to jump into. Although, at the end, it is always worth the wait!

Water parks are places that are fun for all ages....
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