My Favorite Park

Topics: Pacific Ocean, United States, National Park Service Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: April 7, 2013
James Skaggs
Professor Boltrushek
DWRI 0093.83002
07 Feb 2013
My Favorite Park
Just as a Whitman Sampler brings together a sampling of the world's best chocolate into one box for us to experience, Olympic National Park brings the Pacific coast, the rain forest, and the mountains into one park for my wife and me to experience. It's beauty and grander makes Olympic National Park my favorite park. My love affair with Olympic National Park began with my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. The one word that best describes the beaches of Olympic is wild. It is very apparent that we are nature's guest on this beach. The surf is strong and the wind is cool. The beach is adorned with sculptures created with massive trees, felled by man, claimed by the sea. Tide pools left on the beach by the receding tide are teaming with life. I love to walk among the tide pools to admire the creatures clinging to life in their temporary homes. Starfish and crabs cling to the rocks awaiting the return of the tide. The wild beaches of Olympic National Park might be thought of as the canvas for Nature’s ever changing art project. Everyone should include these beaches in his bucket list. Olympic's beautiful beaches take my breath away! As I drove away from the coast, I felt I had experienced the most beautiful place on earth. However, the transition from the edge of the continent to the rain forest gave evidence my trip was only beginning. If anyone had asked me to define the term rain forest, my answer might have been, “It’s a forest and it rains a lot”; however, it is so much more. The rain forest is so dense that it blocks out much of the light from the sun. As my eyes adjust, I am able see that the sun does find its way to the forest floor. The light streams down through gaps in the canopy and creates spot lights to illuminate the beauty of the forest. Many of the plants growing on the forest floor are plants most of us have grown in our homes....
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