My Favorite Music Is R

Topics: Music, Funk, Blues Pages: 1 (187 words) Published: December 15, 2014
My favorite music is R&B, which is originated for Rhythm and Blues. I like it because of its historic background, instrumental instruments, and important role models that were and are influenced by R&B. It is an important part around our universe. R&B speaks when you have no words, and it makes you think. Weather performing it, teaching it, or just enjoying it R&B evokes attitudes in people. At first, R&B originated in the late 1940s. R&B got its name from record a company, when it initially came out it was predominately to Urban African Americans. The first name change occurred in the 1960s. During the 1960s R&B made contributes to rock and roll. Caucasian Americans then used the term R&B for soul, funk influenced music. Secondly, R&B creativeness in its musical instruments and rhythm. The types of instruments they use are drums, pianos, trumpets, saxophones, bass, and etc. The rhythm of the instruments makes the music come alive; it gets snuck in you like your favorite tune. Afterwards, people from Ray Charles to Beyoncé are R&B artists.
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