My Favorite Movie

Topics: Saving Private Ryan, English-language films, Tom Hanks Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: December 17, 2010
Simon Task 17 ESL 102-001
April 13th, 2008
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My Favorite Movie
This movie described that the captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) was given a new mission when he was finishing his tough mission, landing on Omaha Beach in the World WarⅡ: To find and rescue the private Ryan (Matt Damon), whose three brothers all had been killed in combat. Miller obeyed the mission and took a small troop behind enemy lines to retrieve Ryan. With no information about Ryan’s whereabouts, Miller and his men moved from town to town, venturing deeper into enemy territory. Tragically, although the troop completed its mission, most of the troop’s members died, leaving just two people. There are three viewpoints that I want to share after I watched this movie. Firstly, why did eight men risk their lives to save just one? It costs co much that I think it is not worth them to do it. Specialist, we have to think of the benefit of whole country in the war, not only one person or one family; in other words, we should rather do right thing than do thing right. Secondly, Miller decided to let the German soldier live and walk away, the decision had been touched off a debate between the team. At last, it is ironic that the same German soldier, who he had set free, shot him. It is worth thinking about whether we should be a kind man on the battlefield or not. If I were Miller, I would have done my duty of soldier even the event in the war was so cruel. Sometimes in the war field, we have no choices. Finally, Ryan refused to leave and Miller unwillingly agreed and ordered his troop to help defend the bridge. They almost died in the battle that they protected the bridge, including Miller himself. I am very touched by the spirit that they would rather sacrifice their life to save more American soldier’s lives. I love this movie so much, not only it is a war film, but also it lets me think about my military...
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