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My Favorite Meal

By kelamlo Dec 12, 2010 707 Words
I have so many meals that i can put together and call it a fantasy in paradise meal. I sound really enthusiastic about this because i love food soo much. My favorite meal would be a starting dish of buffalo wings marinated with buffalo sauce and cooked to perfection. It was taste even beter being dipped in blue cheese. The sour spicy taste of the wings would make me very happy and then after finishing the wings i would like all the sauce of my fingers and think about how good those wings were. I would choose the beverage of A home made iced tea that has the sweet sensational taste. There would be a lemon dropped in so i can add the lemony taste to it. Then the main course meal which is a large entrana (skirt steak) cooked well done, with 2 side dishes of macaroni and cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich. The best part of the meal would be the entrana dish. OOo OOO soo good. Made to perfection so it is easily able to cut into peices that would savor in my mouth. The side order of macaroni and cheese would be extra cheesy with hot macaroni. MMMm Mmm MMmm.. Then in my other hand would be a golden crust grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese would be melting in my mouth. I would be able to receive the entrana steak at a spanish steak house. The macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich and bufallo wings can be received at many restaurants like outback steak house or red lobster. The home made iced tea can be found at any chinese food restaurant. U know the ones on like every corner of every block. I would finish off my meal with a cheese cake fantasy which consists of blue berries, cheesecake batter, raspberrys, and etc.. That tastes outstanding and is sold at Coldstones ice cream. O yeah and also add extra blue berries. This is my favorite meal and what it consists of.

My favorite food is a famous Chinese dish called instant- boiled mutton.

To make this dish, you need a hot pot, a special compound seasoning, thin mutton slices, fish balls, beef balls, and vegetables.

The seasoning sauce is essential for the course; its ingredients are sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, gourmet powder, preserved bean curd, vinegar and chili sauce. Because it contains so many different condiments, you can taste many combined flavors sweet, salty, sour and piquance. The color is usually brown or crimson, depending on the amount of the chili sauce.

Once the seasoning sauce is set, the process in making instant- boiled mutton has begun. First of all, fill the hot pot with water, and heat it up. When the water boils, put in mutton slices , fish balls and beef balls as well as vegetables, such as napa cabbages, spinach’s, mushrooms and tofu. Once the color of the mutton turns from blood-red to light red, it’s ready. Pick the meat and vegetables up with the chopsticks into the bowl of seasoning sauce, dip them in the sauce fully, and enjoy.

The instant- boiled mutton combines the taste of tender meat and fresh vegetables with various flavors of the seasonings. The vegetables are light green and soft, saturating with water; one can feel the liquid exuding when taking a bite of them. The light-red mutton slices, curved like paper soaked in the water, along with white fish balls and brown beef balls, emit savory smells of meats. The water in the hot pot keeps bubbling, revealing a hilarious atmosphere, and it serves as delicious soup after the meal.

In China, the instant-boiled mutton does not only mean a meal; eating it serves as a big family/social event. The large hot pot enables many people to sit around and eat together, offering a valuable and harmonious opportunity for family/friend reunion. The warm aura the boiled water provides, the tinkly clicks of chopsticks clashing with bowls, the laughs and chats of people, together forming a warm jubilant scene, make people feel joy and gain an appreciative heart for others. That is why most Chinese people, as hospitable and interdependent they are, love this dish.

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