My Favorite Food

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My favorite food may be a little different.   It's not the traditional pizza or pasta, it’s definitely something I could have everyday, at any time of day.  Some people probably have never even tried it fresh because it’s easier to buy in a can.  It’s not something grown locally.  Although, you can find it in an average super market, it can be a little pricey.  I was introduced to this when I was very young, but the first time I had it fresh was in the Caribbean, I was twelve years old.  As soon as I tried it I couldn’t get enough.  It can also make one of my favorite drinks, a piña colada.  If you haven’t guessed it yet.... my favorite food is pineapple.  Pineapple can be served in many different ways; it can be dipped in chocolate, served on a platter with a variety of other fruit, made into smoothies and drinks and even served on a pizza with ham, otherwise known as Hawaiian pizza.  In February 2012, I had the privilege to go on a family vacation to Antigua where I got to try a new kind of pineapple.  It was called black pineapple; the only difference between a normal pineapple and that was it was smaller in size and a shade darker on the outside.  I actually liked the black pineapple better because it was sweeter, but unfortunately it only grows in Antigua it is not found in the United States.  What is cool about the pineapple in Antigua, you could find them growing in small patches on the side of the road.  I’ve heard Hawaii has the best pineapple grown in the United States.  Someday I would love to go to Hawaii just to try the pineapple.  As a college student, I still continue to go to the grocery store and buy a whole pineapple to cut up and have it fresh in my dorm, but it will never compare to the taste of those found in the Caribbean. 
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