My Fathers Chinese Wives

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My view on "My Father's Chinese Wives"
How ironic that even when someone like Caitlin's father who's history of being selfish and cheap I his previous marriages could attract so many young talented ambitious women into matrimony. As the Chinese mom's daughters reflect on their stained memories of how their father treated their own mother, they relive how much anger and hostility they harbor for his role, or lack of, in being the head of their family. They not only tried to forget the details of their upbringing but they feared for the future if the possible wife he sought after. When the mail arrived from China in response to his quest for a new wife, it's almost like these women were desperate to leave their mainland and come to America at any expense.

When the sisters first heard about the possibility of their father engaging in marriage once more, the files of their minds were swarmed with diverse data. As they focused on the very possibility, they reflected of his physical demeanor. At age 70 he is starting to look more like someone's gardener. His feet reduced to a shuffle are covered only in the brokenness of tattered sandals because of his frugalness. His body language speaks of his physical determination. As he adorns himself in used clothing he coughs phlegmatically while he rest on his patio. Although he still consistent in his exercises regiment, the movements of his body have turned from fluent to that which portrays how time had deterriated his level of conditioning. The hygiene techniques that are used to define youth now paint a different portrait. One that views him for the first time would coin him as "old dragon whiskers" and not because of his Oriental area. This term would be phrased because of his frugal habits of saving money by not splendid furiously on razors and shaving cream. The girls thought of him as their "Crazy old Chinese Father" which was a rationalization for his problem, spending money.

Did their father tell the truth of...

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